light hygiene book: Reset Your Inner Clock The Drug Free Way To Your Best-Ever Sleep, Mood and Energy *FREE LIBRARY BOOK*

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I will contrast two books:
Reset Your Inner Clock The Drug-Free Way to Your Best-Ever Sleep, Mood, And Energy
Winter Blues Everything You Need to Know To Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder
RESET... is a book on a drug free approach. It contains a strategy to get off of drugs and even includes a section on how to take melatonin supplements, if necessary, thus explaining a concept of micro-dosing.
RESET... speaks about the shocking effects and treatments of depression by the use of drug-free methods such as TRIPLE CHRONOTHERAPY and WAKE THERAPY.
In contrast to this, WINTER BLUES... is a book about the usage of Light Therapy alone, or mingled with the usage of drugs to treat various forms of depression.
Reading both books will give a person a great oversight of how to use light to promote health, as they both overlap on many details while on occasion filling in gaps the other book did not mention. For example WINTER BLUES... discusses the possibility of one building their own light box, whereas RESET.. suggests not to, while both books talk about what makes a good light box.
Topics included in this book are:
  • suicide
  • strengthened circadian rhythm
  • sleeping drugs
  • seasonal bipolar disorder
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • SAD lamp
  • REM sleep
  • rapid cycling bipolar disorder
  • postpartum depression
  • pineal melatonin
  • parkinsons symptoms
  • night shift affects strategy
  • night shift affects and strategy
  • melatonin therapy
  • melatonin onset eyewear
  • light therapy
  • jet lag
  • insomnia
  • dim light melatonin onset
  • delayed sleep phase syndrome
  • dawn simulator light
  • dark therapy
  • cortisol timing
  • corrected evening lighting
  • circadian disruption
  • alzheimers or symptoms
  • advanced sleep phase disorder 


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