ADVERTISEMENT 2016.09.27 Innovative Gift for NEW MOM

Initially breast feeding sessions are very frequent and long with a newborn.


When feeding at night, both mom and the babe will need to fall asleep fast after each session. A mom without adequate sleep can suffer emotional and physical harm.

Using a TV, cell phone or computer as a night light source, or using any other light sources during a late night feeding will naturally reduce melatonin levels, which will interfere with sleep quality and thus reek havoc.

Light entering the eye at night lowers melatonin levels.

Our eyewear, that can correct this problem, comes in three different colors. The orange lens eyewear is for environments where the evening light sources are of typical brightness, but if they are very bright, choose the red lens option. For extremely dark night light sources choose the yellow lens option.

All three lens color options work to retain melatonin levels by blocking blue light from entering into the eye.

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