About Us

High Extraction Full Color Home LED Lighting, LLC is a startup business, located in the

Dunkirk UPS Customer Center Building, click here for map


6878 Erie Rd. (NY 5)

Suite 12

Derby, NY 14047

(716) 361-4111

The company websites are

LightForFitness.com      (an educational website)

LightForFitness.biz        (a retail website)

Light Hygiene Strategies for Circadian Disruption Prevention   (FACEBOOK GROUP)

Light For Fitness             (FACEBOOK PAGE)

Light For Fitness              (Instagram)

President Alan C. Haungs

For more information read MY STORY 

Showroom hours:

M-F 9AM-5:30PM EST 

Greetings, please allow me introduce myself, I am L4F, Super-Hero. I have been sent to earth with an important mission, to increase the physical, mental and emotional repair times for all the good people of earth. Evil Evening Lighting has been wreaking havoc for too many years, and it’s my job to stop him!
I have joined forces with LightForFitness.biz to provide Light Hygiene products to customers, intended to rescue the enslaved people of earth held hostage by Evil Evening Lighting. Furthermore, my mild mannered and trusty sidekick, LightForFitness.com, has also joined forces with us to provide the keys of overcoming knowledge, so all humans can learn to daily defeat Evil Evening Lighting themselves, to live healthier, through light management, forever more!


Within the Universe I originated from, all have already learned to live in perfect harmony within the orange and blue orb of the Circadian-Rhythm Light-Phase-Response. It is that Harmony Force that sent me to you, for you are next to understand this orange and blue orb and make it your path to fitness. 

Around me within the orange and blue orb, I see millions of souls. The soul I am reaching out to and touching is doing much better than before. This one is learning to defeat Evil Evening Lighting, learning to work with the orb of the Circadian-Rhythm Light-Phase-Response. I have pulled this soul forward on the 24-hour Repair Clock, thus shortening that soul’s red tail. But unfortunately, the other soul with the longer, red tail is chronically defeated, having not reached out to me to be pulled forward on the 24-hour Repair Clock. 

That chronic, long red tail represents the time frame when that poor soul’s body, mind and emotions were seeking repair, but such life sustaining repair was usurped by Evil Evening Lighting.

This makes my cortisol boil! Dastardly Evil Evening Lighting, your end is near.

Start a revolution, don’t succumb to Evil Evening Lighting’s plot. Get the repair you need!

Begin your resistance today by looking through LightForFitness.biz for products and LightForFitness.com for information. 



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