We choose to extend the function of glasses and filter plates, which were originally designed only for laser safety. Why? Because these lenses and filter plates PROFOUNDLY block unwanted light better than anything else available. The applications for such profound and specific color blocking extends beyond the laboratory and now into the human living space. In addition to low vision (resulting from retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration), circadian rhythm entrainment and light-phobia relief purposes (due to migraine), these glasses and filter plates can also be used as awesome blue-blocking thus fatigue-reducing computer glasses.

Filters for Soraa Bulbs and Light fixtures

I have a patent pending on filtering arrangements for light hygiene purposes. The idea is to provide a solution that does not require the perpetual wearing of filtering glasses for light hygiene needs; while allowing for a Soraa LED bulb solution to be quickly adapted daily back and forth between a normal white light or to a color(s)-missing-light used for light hygiene purposes. I will be placing more filter arrangements online soon. Soon I will provide the pricing for the Soraa lamps and the Twicebright fixtures. Ultimately, all of Soraa's lamps with matching fixtures and filters will be found on this website.
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Welcome, please walk around and view our store. Soon this store will be ready for shopping. In the meantime, enjoy watching the daily changes that are taking place. Feel free to email or post comments.

Now that Super-hero L4F has arrived I know that our progress will be accelerated, for he is eager to get you on track for fitness.

Our goal is to provide to you numerous light hygiene products to get you there.

I can not talk much now, for L4F is urging me back to the computer to complete this website. He just reminded me that there will be plenty time for chatting later. 

But before I sign off, L4F just wanted me to tell you that he will be popping up here and there, more and more in the future, to help you to your goal of fitness. He will do this by explaining things to you in plain English, the ideas and words that only Light Hygiene Scientists were once familiar with. 

"Evil Evening Lighting, your days are numbered", declared L4F, on October 27, 2015.


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