light hygiene book: Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease Eliminate Blue Light in the Evening and at Night *FREE ONLINE BOOK*

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The book cover page seen above, is not the actual cover page of this online free book, but is merely my invention to fit this electronic online book into a pocket that would otherwise be used for an actual physical book found on this website. To the best of my knowledge this book by Dr. Hansler has not made print yet, neither do I know if it will ever be.

Dr. Hansler has consistently been way ahead of his time when it comes to actually recognizing a problem and prescribing solutions to poor-light-hygiene initiated or aggravated diseases. He has written and spoken much on light hygiene, even recently releasing other books.  This particular book he has made available on his site for free ( Furthermore, he has unselfishly and graciously allowed and to promote this free online book on those sites, also, FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

I suggest readers look at Dr. Hansler's site.

His free book on contains added clickable links to each research paper cited in the text, so as one reads the text and comes upon a cited research paper, the actual research paper is only a click away.

 Click here to read this book on

Included topics found in this book are:

  • pineal melatonin
  • mental illness
  • melatonin therapy
  • melatonin onset eyewear
  • corrected evening lighting
  • circadian disruption
  • alzheimers or symptoms

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